Expedition is to be experienced as a journey on several levels. A purely visual and musical voyage through the challenges between two people – or the contrasts within each and everyone of us. The abstract artistic expression of both sound and picture has an ambiguity which allows for individual interpretations and experiences. The film consists of directly animated drawings and sequences joined in a “chain of mixes”. It is a visual poem where Sidsel Endresens’s music plays key role. Sidsel Endresen is one of Norway’s most prominent jazz performers and composers. She also makes music for dance, theater and film.

Animation, 35mm (1:1,66), Dolby SRD, 2000
Director, animation, screenplay, producer: Runi Langum
Music: Sidsel Endresen
Sound Studio: “7.etg.” C/O Reidar Skâr
Editors: Nina Bergström, Kjersti Martinsen, Runi Langum
Runtime: 8 minutes 43 seconds

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